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A Brief Look at Key Long Term Care Insurance Riders

A Brief Look at Key Long Term Care Insurance Riders When shopping for long term care insurance, a rider can provide valuable benefits. These are provisions that can be added to an insurance policy, at an additional cost, in order to alter or expand the policy’s conditions or terms of coverage. Essentially, they allow policyholders to obtain extra protection in certain situations.

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Long Term Care Insurance Tips

“One of the greatest benefits of having Long Term Care Insurance is it allows you to remain in your own home…” According to the Long Term Care Insurance Sourcebook, published by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance, 7.6 million individuals currently receive care at home because of acute illnesses, long-term health conditions, permanent disability or terminal illness. Who Provides Home Care? Not all home care services offer the same peace of mind, and there are some important, but often unrecognized, issues to consider when hiring a caregiver. Home care services are best when provided through an agency that

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