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Home Care Services

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[starsmarkup startype=”reviewid” itemreviewed=”★★★★★ Tremendous relief” reviewer=”Lisa from Fort Worth” review=”My mother met Steve Cook in 2012. He was giving a presentation on Long Term Care Insurance at her retirement community. She told Mr. Cook she and my dad had long term care policies that were nursing home only and it would not allow care at their home. He reviewed their policies and let them know that they had a clause in the contract called alternative plan of care. He was able to get my father insurance converted to a home care policy so he could get care in his home. The first of December 2014 my parents chose to use Steve Cook’s company Catered Living. For the last 8 months they have given my father great care and given my mother tremendous relief in their own home. I would be glad to recommend Texas Home Care Catered Living to anyone needing care.” rating=”5″ count=”133″ randomrating=”no” randomcount=”no” ratingmin=”4.5″ ratingmax=”5″ countmin=”17″ countmax=”133″ date=”2014-12-20″ hidden=”no” usepostdate=”no” customcss=”border-left:thick solid #DFBA69;padding:10px;width:;text-align:left;”]